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Food Stamps Basics

Basic Information about Food Stamps
General information about the Food Assistance Program and who is eligible.

Asset Test Pamphlet 
Michigan passed an Asset Test on October 1, 2011 for Food Assistance

What if my caseworker won't call me back?
Sometimes it is difficult for people who get benefits from DHS to reach their caseworker.  There are many times when it is very important to be able to reach a caseworker in order to report changes in your income or other information that is needed within a certain time frame.  For more information on how to reach your caseworker...please click the above title.

Food Stamp Work Rules
The Food Assistance Program does not have work rule requirements.  In years past, childless able bodied adults had to meet some work requirements.  If you did not meet the work requirement, you could only receive 3 months of FAP.  Presently, Michigan has a waiver on this issue.

Food Stamps for Legal Immigrants (PDF)
Find out if you can receive Food Assistance

If You Are Homeless
Being homeless does not mean you must go hungry! Food Assistance can help homeless people and families buy groceries at stores, prepared meals at certain group dining centers, and food from meal delivery systems. If

You've Been Denied
What to do if you've been denied Food Assistance or expedited Food Assistance.

Myths and Truths about Food Stamps Questions and Answers about Food Stamps
Answers to frequently asked questions on eligibility, emergency food assistance, contacting your case worker, and getting a second bridge card for your authorized representative.

Seniors: Think You Can't Get Food Stamps? Take a Fresh Look (PDF)
This pamphlet lists common myths about the Food Assistance Program, especially for households with senior citizens.
FOOD STAMP ALERT FOR SENIORS AND DISABLED- Anyone age 60+ or receiving disability benefits  (SSI, Social Security, VA benefits, or Medicaid based on disability) and told they were “over income”  for food stamps (FAP) can call our helpline to see if a mistake was made in their case.  1- 800-481-4989.

Solutions to Common Problems
What to do if you need help filling out the application, if you are told you are not eligible, or if you have lost Food Assistance or been denied.

Special Rules for Adults Without Kids
The Food Assistance Program has special rules for adults who do not live with children.  The State of Michigan is currently under a 12- month waiver exempting them from enforcing this rule.  The waiver has to be renewed on a yearly basis.

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